Milk and Beans Subscription Coffee Box and Bag


The other day, I noticed that it has been two years since I started my subscription service. It completely boggles the mind that it's already been two years. So, I just wanted to talk about them in a little more depth here.

When I first started them, I had no expectation at all that I would get a single sign up. So, to have so many of you now, I'd just like to give a huge thank you to all of you. You have all really kept this tiny business going over the last couple of years and it means so much.

From that first day, I wanted the subscription service to be very simple and to give the power to you guys. You choose the terms, you choose the coffee and you get a 15% discount too.

The terms, while initially coming in 4 brackets on site, are totally customisable in the portal. You can adjust it by days or weeks, and choose the perfect time to get your next delivery. Whether that's the day you run out of your last, or a week or so before so your coffee can degas, it's entirely up to you!

In terms of coffee choice, you can have a play and chop and change as much as you like. You are not limited to the original coffee you chose. It's very simple to login to the portal, get a totally different coffee, or even add another bag to your order if you see yourself needing more.

Subscriptions come in different packaging to our normal retail coffee. This is so that it can easily fit through the letterbox and save you all on postage if you are using Royal Mail.

The last, and probably best part of this subscription service is the ongoing deliveries I do in Milton Keynes. My roast and delivery days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and while it is not always ideal to immediately drink your coffee the day it's roasted, I wanted to attempt to give you the product you wanted as quickly as I could. If your order comes through on a Monday before 8am, it's with you that afternoon.

It's been fun meeting all my subscribers along the way too and having a chat, even meeting some of your pups and families. I hope we can have many more chats in the future.