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Brazil Mió 1989

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Brazil Mió 1989

Notes: Wafer, Caramel and Berries
Region: Monte Santo de Minas
Country: Brazil
Altitude: 1,000 - 1,100 MASL
Variety: Yellow Catucaí
Processing: Red Honey 

Mió have a meticulous approach to traceability, the like of which I haven't seen before. Their model is a shining example of how technology can be used to track every stage of a coffee's journey, improve farmworkers' quality of life and produce high yielding crops processed to the highest standard. 

Though, Mió don't only do the farming! The team oversees the exporting, importing, storage and sales of their coffee. I cannot stress enough how amazed I am by Mió as a whole. Please go to to find out more information, and see the detail for yourself.